Trusted by divers, aviators, and military.

Panatime nylon watch bands


Durable, Stylish and Fun!

High quality nylon will hold up under harsh conditions and will not rip, break, tear, or shrink. For these reasons, Panatime only stocks straps made from the highest quality nylon that are heat sealed and fray proof.


Nylon straps are super easy to install and remove, which makes them a great choice for strap enthusiasts who love to change the style and overall look of their watch.


The most popular include 5 Ring Nylons, 3 Ring Nylons, Square Ring Nylons, and Two-Piece Nylons. Two-piece straps are particularly popular with customers looking for watch bands for Apple Watches as they do not block the heartrate monitor on the back of the case.


Panatime has been offering the same, high quality nylon watch bands for over 10 years. Our nylons are trusted by professional divers, aviators, and military personnel.

Nylon Watch Bands
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