Push Button Butterfly Deploy

Watch band deployants may be used to replace standard tang buckles. Also known as deployments, deploy clasps, or simply clasps, a deploy clasp will add a nice look to a leather strap and can extend its life. You'll also enjoy the convenience when putting your watch on and removing it. The deploy clasps in this section are known as "Push Button Butterfly Deploys" because each clasp has two push buttons that must be depressed to open the clasp, and when the clasp is open it spreads like the wings of a butterfly. The Push Button Butterfly Deploy is our most popular deploy clasp as it easily fits a wide variety of watch bands.

Tip: Before purchasing a deploy clasp, make sure to check the buckle size of the watch band you plan to install the clasp on. Many watch bands taper, and the width at the buckle end may differ from the width at the lug. For more information about sizing, Click Here.

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