A Quick Guide to Nylon Straps

A Quick Guide to Nylon Straps

Jul 19th 2021

One-piece nylon watch bands offer a variety of benefits including style, durability, comfort, and security. With so many options available from countless online retailers, it can be hard to pick the nylon strap that’s perfect for you. This article will cover the basics of one-piece nylon watch bands, discuss the differences in styles, and explain why a Panatime strap is always the best choice!

It’s All About the Nylon

One-Piece Nylon straps are known for their durability and ability to carry your watch into the most trying climates (ex: extreme heat, extreme cold, moisture, etc.). High quality nylon will hold up under harsh conditions and will not rip, break, tear, or shrink. For these reasons, Panatime only stocks straps made from the highest quality nylon that are heat sealed and fray proof. Tip: Beware of cheap nylon straps at super low prices from high volume retailers, as these straps are often crafted from a lower grade of nylon. 

Hardware and Styles

When shopping for a nylon watch strap you may notice that there are several different styles. The most popular include 5 Ring Nylons, 3 Ring Nylons, Square Ring Nylons, and Two-Piece Nylons. If you’re new to nylon straps, here’s a quick guide that details the main differences between the styles:

5 Ring v. 3 Ring

The difference between a 5 Ring strap and a 3 Ring strap is an extra piece of nylon that holds two additional rings. Once your watch is secure on the main, long piece of nylon, the two rings slide over the bottom of the strap and your watch sits securely between three rings over the top and two rings over the bottom (see image above). Some watch enthusiast and tactical gear professionals feel the 5 Ring nylon straps add an extra layer of protection. That being said, with Panatime’s thick, high grade nylon, your watch will fit securely on a three ring nylon without sliding up or down the strap.

Square Rings

For the most part, Square Ring Nylon Watch Bands operate the same way as their 3 and 5 ring counterparts. The main difference is that square ring hardware is thinner and lighter. For this reason, many retailers use square ring hardware on nylons bands that are crafted from thinner nylon. Panatime offers a small selection of square ring nylon bands that are crafted from a slightly thinner nylon that is just as strong and dependable as the nylon used on our 5 Ring and 3 Ring bands. TIP: Beware of retailers offering super cheap nylon straps with square rings. The price may reflect subpar hardware and/or nylon.

Two Piece 

Two Piece Nylon Straps are unique as they attach to a watch the same way a leather, rubber, or exotic strap would: using the straps spring bars or screws. These straps do not cover the back of your watch case and are lighter on the wrist (as there is less material). These straps are particularly popular with customers looking for watch bands for Apple Watches as they do not block the heartrate monitor on the back of the case. Panatime’s Two Piece Nylons are crafted from the same heavy duty nylon and quality is not sacrificed on these stylish bands!

Having Fun with Combinations

Nylon straps are super easy to install and remove, which makes them a great choice for strap enthusiasts who love to change the style and overall look of their watch. Whether you are trying to match your strap with your outfit or gear, or just want to give your watch a new look, Panatime stocks a variety of fun colors including orange, burgundy, grey, olive, and sand. Additionally, most of the nylon bands on Panatime are offered with your choice of Stainless Steel or PVD hardware (to match black watch cases). Our PVD coating is evenly applied and is highly rated for quality!

Why You Should Choose a Panatime One-Piece Nylon Watch Band

Panatime has been offering the same, high quality nylon watch bands for over 10 years. Our nylons are trusted by professional divers, aviators, and military personnel. We strive to keep our prices low without sacrificing on quality. Admittedly, there are cheaper options on the web, but as noted above, cheap nylon bands often sacrifice on the quality of nylon (which shortens the life of the strap and can leave your watch at risk). Finally, every Panatime watch band is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you are looking for a quality nylon watch band, Panatime is the best choice!

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