Adapters for Apple Watches!

Adapters for Apple Watches!

Nov 20th 2018

Apple Watches are some the of the hottest wristwear on the market today. Lucky for you, you can sport your favorite Panatime straps with your Apple Watch! We offer affordable Apple Watch adapters that easily and securely integrate with your apple watch.

We want to make watch band shopping as simple as possible for our patrons. Thus, we are proud to say that the adapter is compatible with any 20mm or 24mm watch band located on our website, including the watch straps for Panerai, Breitling and Rolex.

No need to look elsewhere. Ours adapters are available for 38mm or 42mm Apple Watches and they come in the exact colors, Space Gray and Silver Aluminum.


38mm Apple Watches will require the 38mm Adapter which accepts any 20mm Watch Strap.

42mm Apple Watches will require the 42mm Adapter which accepts any 24mm Watch Strap.


Our adapters integrate perfectly with the apple watch, sliding on easily and “snapping” securely into place. Our watch bands attach to the adapters via spring bar connection, just like your standard watch. Unlike other adapters, there are no screws, pins or extra turns to swap out your strap. The spring bar securely locks your band into place and you’re good to go on with your day. When you’re ready for a new strap, simply unsnap the old strap and snap on a new one.


We highly recommend using a spring bar tool to add and remove your preferred watch bands. You can find spring bar tools here.

There are a few different types of Apple Watch adapters on the market. However, we have chosen to supply the most functional and durable Adapters out there. If you have any questions about using our Adapters for Apple Watches, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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