Choosing a Leather Type for Your Next Strap

Choosing a Leather Type for Your Next Strap

Aug 29th 2021

Buying a leather watch band can be a confusing process, but once you become familiar with the different types of leather and their qualities, it becomes much easier!

When shopping for a watch band, it can be difficult to pick the right material. For example, Panatime stocks watch bands crafted from dozens of materials with choices ranging from Genuine Alligator Watch Bands, Genuine Crocodile Watch Bands, Rubber Watch Bands, and many different types of Leather Watch Bands. 

Leather Watch Bands are by far the most popular style of watch bands on the market. They also have the most variation in material, texture, and overall durability. For these reasons, it’s important to know the differences between the most common types of genuine leather watch bands. This article highlights four types of leathers that are frequently used in the production of watch straps. 


Calfskin Leather Watch Bands

Calfskin leather has a fine grain that is smooth to the touch. It is known for its durability and flexibility, making it an attractive choice for watch bands and small leather goods. Calfskin leather can be oil-tanned, vegetable tanned, or dyed in a variety of colors. The most popular colors of Calfskin Watch Bands are Black, Brown, and Tan. If you’re looking for classic style and dependable material, you can’t go wrong with a calfskin leather watch strap from Panatime.

Vintage Leather Watch Bands

Vintage Leather is a term that is frequently applied to a range of leathers with distressed tones, signs of wear, and aged markings. Vintage Leather Watch Bands are usually crafted from calfskin or cowhide leather that has an aged look and burnished patina. Vintage watch straps that are lighter in color (brown, tan, honey) are most popular as the darker distressed tones contrast against the lighter color of the leather. It is important to note that some industries define vintage leather as leather produced prior to 1980. In the Watch Band industry (and most fashion industries), vintage leather refers to any leather with a patina that looks aged, distressed, or worn. Distressed Leather Watch Bands have become extremely popular, and many of these vintage leather straps will continue to pick up new tones with frequent wear. For an interesting and stylish leather that changes over time, a Vintage Leather Watch Band from Panatime is always the right choice.

Buffalo Leather Watch Bands

Buffalo Leather is a strong, durable material, but it is also flexible enough to make watch bands from. Compared to calfskin, Buffalo Leather has larger grains and a is somewhat course to the touch. The exact texture varies depending on the cut of the hide, with some buffalo leather having slightly raised but longer grains and others having a raised grain comprised of small circular patterns. Buffalo Leather Watch Bands are a great choice because they are sturdy and stylish. If you’re in the market for a leather watch band, it would be a mistake not to consider Buffalo Leather.

Russian Leather Watch Bands

Russian Leather may be one of the best kept secrets among watch band enthusiast. This is because it seemingly offers the best of everything and is frequently priced between the standard pricing of calf leather (<$50) and the more expensive pricing of premium leathers like shell cordovan (>$100).

So what is Russian Leather, and why is it special? Russian Leather is made from cowhide or calfskin that undergoes a unique tanning process. The hide is vegetable-tanned and topped with birch-oil. The details of the exact tanning process are often closely guarded secrets by tanneries and leather houses – and this is understandable, as the finished product looks and feels amazing. Russian Leather Watch Bands are extremely durable, somewhat waterproof, and they’ve even been claimed to have insect repelling qualities (likely attributable to the Birch-Oil). Visually, a Russian Leather Watch Strap appears slightly waxy (somewhere between a calf leather watch strap and a shell cordovan watch strap) with a dull shine. To the touch, the Russian Leather is silky smooth with a slight wax. 

Russian Leather Watch Bands are a great choice for anyone in the market for a leather strap. Customers are delighted at the quality and appearance of Russian Leather, and time and again rate Russian Leather alongside more expensive premium leathers.

Buying a leather watch band can be a confusing process, but once you become familiar with the different types of leather and their qualities, it becomes much easier! Panatime stocks watch bands crafted from the above-mentioned leathers, as well as other types of leathers including Shell Cordovan, Chromexcel, Embossed Leather, and more! 

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