Deploy Clasp Basics

Deploy Clasp Basics

Sep 6th 2021

Deploy clasps are a stylish, practical, and time saving alternative to the pin/tang watch buckles that come standard on most watch straps.

About Deploy Clasps

Deploy clasps are known by many names. You may have seen them referred to or marketed as Deploy Buckles, Deploy Clasps, Deployant Buckles, Deploys, or Push Button Clasps. All of these terms are interchangeably used to describe a style of buckle that folds, and snaps securely closed with your watch band attached. To avoid confusion, this article will refer to this type of watch buckle as a Deploy Clasp.

Panatime stocks a variety of deploy clasps that are suitable for use with many watch bands. Most customers prefer to match their deploy clasp to their watch case, so various finish options are always available (ex: brushed, polished, PVD, and gold). But the most important part of purchasing a deploy clasp is making sure you’ve selected the appropriate size for your watch band. 

Almost all watch bands are sold with an attached tang buckle (see photo below). A deploy buckle is an alternative type of buckle, so the standard buckle must be removed in order to install a new deploy clasp. You can remove the buckle by wedging a spring bar tool in between the watch band and the buckle and freeing the compression spring or spring bar. Check out this helpful video for a step-by-step guide on how to remove a watch buckle. 

Selecting the Right Size Deploy Clasp

Often, the correct Deploy Clasp may have a different measurement than the watch straps size. For example, a 20mm watch band might require an 18mm clasp.

If You are Buying a Clasp for an Existing Watch Band:
If you are purchasing a clasp for a band that you already own, be sure to measure the width of the strap at the buckle end, as shown, below. For ease of measurement, measure the distance between the buckle in centimeters - then move the decimal one place to the right to convert the measurement to millimeters (ex: 1.8cm = 18mm). 

If Buying a Clasp for a New Watch Band:

If you are purchasing a clasp to fit a new band that you are ordering, check the size of the Watch Buckle in the description section located on the watch bands page. This will tell you what size clasp is needed.

Don't worry! If you happen to order an incorrect size, Panatime is always happy to set up an exchange and get the correct size deploy clasp delivered to you ASAP!

The Benefits of Deploy Clasps for Your Watch Band

There are two major benefits to wearing a deploy clasp.

First: A Deploy Clasp reduces stress on your watch band, and by doing so, extends the life of the band. Every time a pin/tang buckle is attached or removed, tension and pressure are exerted on the strap as the tang is pulled in/out of the watch band’s hole. For a watch that is frequently worn, this process can occur at least twice a day! Over time, holes can rip, causing structural damage to the watch band. Deploy Clasps don’t have this problem. This is because you only need to attach your watch band to the deploy clasp once! After that, the band stays securely attached to the clasp (unless you need to adjust the size). When the clasp is open, your watch will slide easily off of your wrist. 

This brings us to the second major benefit of wearing a deploy clasp.

Second: A Deploy Clasp reduces the time it takes to put on or take off your watch! Say goodbye to trying to get the tang into the right hole only to slip and have to start all over again. With a deploy clasp, you need only adjust the strap prior to its first use. After that, the strap will remain secured in the deploy clasp and the watch and clasp will easily slide on/off your wrist. Once on the wrist, simply close the clasp and wait for the “snap” (that indicates the clasp has securely closed) and you’re good to go!

Deploy clasps are a stylish, practical, and time saving alternative to the pin/tang watch buckles that come standard on most watch straps. However, the choice of which buckle to use is ultimately one of style, preference, and functionality. For these reasons, Panatime stocks a variety of deploy clasps and tang/pin watch buckles. Whatever buckle style you decide on, make sure you visit Panatime for a large selection of high-quality watch buckles and deploy clasps! 

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