Exotic Strap Picks for Panerai

Exotic Strap Picks for Panerai

Nov 1st 2021

Panatime is known for offering an expansive collection of aftermarket watch bands for Panerai Watches. But did you know that Panatime offers genuine exotic skins of the highest quality that are crafted to the exact specifications of your original Panerai watch band? In fact, many Panerai owners choose Panatime for their watch band needs because of the uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship of each and every watch band. Browse Panatime’s collection of watch bands for Panerai Deploy or watch bands for Panerai with OEM style, stainless steel Pre-V buckle.

Exotic Watch Bands for Panerai

Nothing compares to a genuine alligator watch band on a Panerai watch. Whether you’re wearing a Luminor or a Radiomir, an alligator strap is always a safe choice. With large square grains and a silky soft texture, genuine alligator watch straps offer a timeless, elegant style that perfectly complements Panerai watches. 

Panatime stocks genuine alligator watch bands for Panerai Luminor and Panerai Radiomir Watches. If you’re looking to give your Panerai only the best, you must visit! 

As you search for the perfect watch band for your Panerai, we hope you will consider our staff picks of high-quality watch bands for Panerai that are crafted from premium genuine alligator skin:

RIOS1931 Pisa | Alligator Watch Band for Panerai Deploy

The RIOS1931 Pisa Watch Strap is crafted from premium full-cut, genuine alligator skin. The full-cut pattern features a large, square grain; the most desirable cut of the alligator hide. Each Pisa is designed and constructed to the exact OEM specifications for Panerai Watches. This means that the Pisa will seamlessly integrate with your original Panerai Deploy Clasp. Note, the Pisa is also compatible with Panatime’s high-quality, aftermarket OEM Panerai Style Deploy Clasps.

The Pisa features a hand-stitched Saddler's Seam, a precision stitching that takes a craftsman approximately 40 minutes to complete. The Saddler’s Seam gives each watch band a strikingly symmetrical stitch that is exceptional in both function and aesthetic. From start to finish, each watch band undergoes a 172-step production process, making your RIOS1931 Pisa a true work of art.

The RIOS1931 Pisa is crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany.


RIOS1931 Modena | Alligator Watch Band with Pre-v Buckle

Similar to the Pisa, the RIOS1931 Modena is also crafted from premium full-cut, genuine alligator skin. The difference is that the Modena is crafted for a standard tang buckle. Mainly, the Modena does not taper as thin, as it does not need to fit into the small opening of a Panerai Deploy Buckle, and it comes standard with an OEM style Pre-V buckle attached.

The Modena also features a hand-stitched Saddler's Seam and undergoes the same precision stitching process as the RIOS1931 Pisa (described above). 

From start to finish, the Modena undergoes a complex 172 step production process that RIOS1931 has perfected through generations of skilled craftsmanship.

The RIOS1931 Modena is crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany.

Exotic Straps for Radiomir

It sometimes seems the Panerai Radiomir receives significantly less attention than the Panerai Luminor. This is unfortunate, as the Panerai Radiomir is a beautiful timepiece with uniquely styled watch bands. 

Radiomir watch bands taper from 26mm at the lug to 22mm at the buckle – a sharp taper that makes these bands distinctive and easily identifiable. However, many watch band retailers and online sellers do not stock watch bands for Radiomir. That’s why you should always think of Panatime when shopping for watch bands for Panerai Radiomir. 

Panatime stocks a variety of straps for Panerai Radiomir, including those crafted from premium genuine alligator. If you’re in the market for a watch band for Radiomir, you should consider a RIOS1931 genuine alligator band:

RIOS1931 Alligator Watch Band for Panerai Radiomir

These gorgeous watch bands are crafted from premium full-cut genuine alligator skin and look stunning on the Panerai Radiomir. Each strap is crafted to exact OEM specifications, tapering from 26mm to 22mm. Additionally, Panatime offers watch bands for Radiomir in XL sizes for customers with larger wrists.

The RIOS1931 watch bands for Panerai Radiomir feature a hand-stitched Saddler's Seam and undergoes the same precision stitching process as the RIOS1931 Pisa and Modena (as described above). 

Shop these watch bands and other great watch bands for Panerai Radiomir at Panatime Now! 

Choose Panatime for All of Your Exotic Watch Band Needs

In addition to these amazing genuine alligator watch bands for Panerai, Panatime stocks a variety of exotic skin watch bands including crocodile, lizard, ostrich, shark, and more! You can find all of these styles on the watch bands for Panerai page at

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