Exotic Watch Bands

Exotic Watch Bands

Aug 2nd 2021

Exotic Watch Bands have long been the gold standard for dress watches. For example, glossy dark brown alligator watch bands are frequently selected as standard equipment for many top brands – and for good reason. Genuine Alligator straps offer a classic, elegant look, that never goes out of style. But did you know that in addition to Alligator and Crocodile watch bands, there are many other exotic watch bands that offer unique and interesting styles? This article will cover the basics on Alligator and Crocodile watch bands, as well as other (lesser known) exotic straps including Lizard, Ostrich, Shark, and Python.

Alligator Watch Bands

As noted above, Genuine Alligator watch bands are a timeless classic in the watch world. Black and Brown Alligator straps come standard on many high-end watches. Why do top brands keep selecting Alligator? Genuine Alligator is desirable for several reasons, including uniformity of pattern, larger square grains, rareness, and overall pliability. However, not all Alligator straps are created equal. Here’s some basic information about Alligator straps that can help you determine which type is right for you:


Genuine Alligator skin is divided into two (2) categories: Full Cut and Flank Cut.


Full Cut Genuine Alligator Straps are crafted from the center of the alligator hide and offer the large, square grains that are associated with most genuine alligator watch bands. Full cuts are the most desirable (and most expensive) cut of the alligator hide. The majority of Panatime’s Alligator Straps are Full Cut. The RIOS1931 Monarch is an example of a strap crafted from the full cut of a genuine alligator hide.

Flank Cut Genuine Alligator Straps are crafted from the sides of the alligator hide and offer smaller, circular grains. Items crafted from flank cuts are slightly less expensive as compared to their full-cut counterparts, as flank makes up more of the surface area of an alligator hide. Watch bands crafted from flank cut alligator offer a slightly “sportier” look, but still look like a natural match on a high-end dress watch. The RIOS1931 Imperial is an example of a strap crafted from the flank cut of genuine alligator hide.


The finish also plays a big role in a genuine alligator’s overall look. Finish options include Glossy, Matte, and Nubuk. High gloss finishes are perfect for watch straps that will be worn with tuxedos, suits, and formal wear. Watch bands with matte finishes can also be worn with formal attire but offer the versatility of looking natural with casual wear as well! Nubuk is a soft, sueded finish that has a sporty look and pairs well with casual and semi-causal wear.


Panatime offers an extensive collection of Genuine Alligator watch bands in a variety of finishes, sizes, and colors. Our most popular sizes include 20mm Alligator Watch Bands, 22mm Alligator Watch Bands, and 24mm Alligator Watch Bands. We also stock Alligator Watch Bands for Panerai, Breitling, Patek Philippe, and more!


Why Buy a Genuine Alligator Watch Band from Panatime?

Panatime only stocks genuine alligator watch bands crafted from high-quality alligator skin. Each strap is crafted to last and quality is at the center of everything we do! Original brand replacement straps can cost $300-$600. This is largely due to the brands logo (located on the inside of the strap). Panatime is an aftermarket retailer that produces straps of the same quality for less! Our Genuine Alligator Straps typically range between $99 and $250. This allows our customers to frequently save upwards of 50%! Finally, every watch band includes Panatime’s satisfaction guarantee and Panatime stands behind it’s bands 100%.

Crocodile Watch Bands

Crocodile watch bands share some similarities with alligator watch bands. This is because parts of the crocodile hide can look very similar to parts of the alligator hide. But overall, the hide of a crocodile is less uniform, contains more variation in grain, and is less symmetrical than its alligator counterpart.


Genuine Crocodile watch bands are unique in that many look as natural on a dress watch as they do on a watch worn for outdoor adventures. Context is everything with crocodile watch bands, and if you are looking for a versatile watch band, it’s hard to find a better fit than a crocodile strap.


Price is another important consideration. Genuine Crocodile skin is not considered as rare as Genuine Alligator skin. Therefore, Crocodile straps retail for less than Alligator Straps and, as noted above, offer a very similar look. Furthermore, the pliability and durability of crocodile skin is similar to alligator skin. Overall, the choice comes down to style preference and budget.


Panatime stocks a variety of Genuine Crocodile watch bands. Our most popular sizes include 20mm Crocodile Watch Bands, 22mm Crocodile Watch Bands, and 24mm Crocodile Watch Bands.

Lizard Watch Bands

Genuine Lizard Watch Bands are not as rare as you might think! Lizard bands have been paired with dress watches for decades. However, they are just starting to make a comeback as more and more brands opt to include lizard straps as original equipment with select models.


Lizard is an interesting material with very small circular or square grains that offer a coarse texture. Many Lizard Watch Bands have a high polish finish that makes them a natural choice for a dress watch. However, there are straps with matte finish and many that offer a variety of fun colors. For example, Panatime stocks Lizard straps in beige, khaki, red, yellow, and many other colors!


If you’re looking to try something new without pushing the limits, give a lizard watch strap a try!

Ostrich Watch Bands

Ostrich watch bands are a staff favorite at Panatime! If you’re a watch enthusiast who has never worn an ostrich strap, it’s time to pick one up! Genuine Ostrich is a soft, supple material that will rest comfortably on your wrist all day.


Most Ostrich skin straps are offered in natural tones, including Mahogany, Cognac, and Sand. These neutral colors match well with a variety of clothing and accessories.


In the summer, try pairing natural or cognac ostrich with light colored boat shoes.  In the fall, the rich mahogany ostrich will complement blue jeans, plaid, and darker fall styles.

Shark Skin Watch Bands

Watch bands crafted from genuine shark skin are sure to draw attention to your wrist. While they are not particularly “loud” or vibrant, their unique texture and patterns are different from the materials normally selected for watch bands.


Shark watch straps look great on select dress watches, as well as dive watches. The shark straps look particularly at home on the latter, as they add an additional touch of the ocean during everyday wear.


Overall, shark straps are a fun way to integrate a unique style to your favorite watch.

Python Watch Bands

They’re not for everyone, but Python watch bands can make a watch look absolutely stunning! Trust us on this one!


Each genuine python watch band is a statement piece that will draw a lot of attention to your wrist. That being said, python straps are one of the most unique materials to be sported on a watch. The skin has a “flakiness” that gives each strap a truly exotic and wild feel.


If you’re bold enough to try something different, a genuine python watch band might be the right choice for you!

Quality Exotic Watch Bands From Panatime

Panatime is always a safe bet when shopping for quality exotic watch bands. Whether you are looking for Alligator, Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, or other types of exotic watch straps, Panatime stocks a wide variety of watch bands crafted from exotic skins so you can find the perfect one for your watch!

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