Fall Fashion for Your Watch

Fall Fashion for Your Watch

Oct 4th 2021

Fall is finally here! For many of us, this means it’s time to put away our summer clothes and bring out our jeans, long sleeved shirts, and hoodies. The fall is also a great time to consider changing your watch band!

There are two main reasons watch owners change their watch bands in the Fall. 

First, The Fall is a great time to evaluate your watch bands condition and inspect its suitability and functionality as the climate gets colder and winter approaches. For example, many people sport rubber, silicone, or nylon watch bands in the summer months because these watch straps are waterproof or water resistant - this makes them the perfect choice for swimming (pool, beach, etc.), playing sports, and spending time in humid environments. Others may have kept their original leather watch band on all summer only to find that it didn’t stand up to summer conditions and a replacement band is now a necessity. 

Second, our clothing choices change in the fall and a new watch band may better compliment your Fall style. Fall is the time when many watch enthusiasts trade their rubber watch bands for calf leather, vintage leather, or exotic watch bands. These styles feature many colors including black, brown, tan, and burgundy - darker and richer colors that are typically associated with Fall style. So while you’re putting the shorts and swim trunks away until next season, don’t forget to think about your watch band!


With this in mind, Panatime has created a Fall Collection of hand-picked watch bands that are perfect for the autumn season. The collection includes Calf Leather watch bands, Buffalo Leather watch bands, Canvas watch bands, and more! We picked three of our favorite watch bands from our Fall Collection to highlight in this article.


RIOS1931 Maryland | Canvas Watch Band


The RIOS1931 Maryland is crafted from genuine canvas and a soft calf leather lining. The Maryland is available in a variety of colors including Black, Mocha, Stone Grey, Olive Drab, Cognac, and Honey. We think this watch strap is a great choice for your watch during the fall, as the canvas material compliments plaid, boots, and other clothing with warmer fall colors. Additionally, the texture of the canvas is somewhat rough and “outdoorsy” which appears natural in a variety of fall festivities. The RIOS1931 Maryland is a flat, vintage watch band that looks stunning on the Panerai Luminor and other watches that have cases with similar thickness.

RIOS1931 Franklin | Velours Watch Band


The RIOS1931 Franklin is crafted from premium velour – a soft material that is satisfying to the touch. Velour and similar materials are hot items in fall fashion and this watch band will look great with suede jackets, suede boots, and plaid shirts. The RIOS193 Franklin is available in Black, Mocha, and Cognac. 

RIOS1931 Pisa | Genuine Alligator Watch Band for Panerai Deploy


The RIOS1931 Pisa isn’t inherently a Fall Style Watch Band. Rather, the Pisa is an expertly crafted aftermarket watch band built to exact OEM specifications for Panerai and exclusively fits the Panerai Deploy Clasp. It’s a classic strap that looks great in every season. That being said, the Pisa is available in Mocha, Mahogany, and Cognac, three colors that are frequently associated with Fall. We love how these genuine alligator watch bands look on Panerai’s being worn with different Fall styles. If you have a Panerai Luminor, you should definitely consider giving the RIOS1931 Cognac a try. You won’t be disappointed!

The Fall is a great time to evaluate your watch bands condition and consider picking up a new band for functionality or style reasons. Just like different clothing items are worn in different seasons, we recommend considering a watch band change to better compliment all the variations in your attire.

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