Orient Bambino Strap Options

Orient Bambino Strap Options

Aug 23rd 2021

When it comes to shopping for a watch band for an Orient Bambino, there are three options. Each has its Pros and Cons, and we’ve listed them all for your convenience!

About the Orient Bambino

Much has been written about the Orient Bambino, an entry level timepiece with a large and dedicated fan-base. There’s a lot to love about the Bambino, starting with the price! For around $125 dollars, the Orient Bambino is one of the most affordable automatic watches on the market. The Bambino’s face has multiple color options (ex: Black, White, Ivory) and different styles feature different case finishes (Stainless Steel, Rose Gold). This allows for a high degree of customization and personalization that Bambino customers love.

The Bambino’s Watch Band Problem

From a strap enthusiasts perspective, the Orient Bambino is a great watch with one significant problem – The Bambino was built to accept 21 Millimeter Watch Straps. Although 21mm straps are out there (Panatime does indeed stock several styles), odd size straps are not the norm, and there’s significantly more options for popular sizes such like 20mm Watch Bands and 22mm Watch Bands.

Three Options to Solve The Bambino’s Watch Band Problem

When it comes to shopping for a watch band for an Orient Bambino, there are three options. Each has its Pros and Cons, and we’ve listed them all for your convenience!


Option 1 – Shop for 21mm Straps

Sure, there are less of them on the market, but they are available. Tip: Check out straps crafted for IWC and other watches that accept 21mm watch bands. Even if the watch straps are advertised for a specific brand, 99% of the time they will fit on all watches that accept the same size strap– and they’ll look great too!

 Pros: Fits perfectly on the Orient Bambino! 

 Cons: Fewer options as 21mm is an odd size.

Option 2 –Order a Custom Strap in 21mm

One of the best things about Panatime is our large network of manufacturers and relationships with today’s top strap brands. This allows us to offer custom watch straps from RIOS1931, Hadley Roma, Hirsch, and more! If you can imagine it, we can source it for you!

Pros: One-Of-A-Kind Watch Bands crafted to your exact specifications.

Cons: Production times can vary, and prices are higher for custom straps.

Option 3 – Try a 22mm Strap!

This is our favorite option, but it comes with a word of caution (more on that in a minute). Most 22mm straps can be used on the Orient Bambino! Don’t believe us? Every Photo of the Bambino on this page has a 22mm watch band attached! 

How do these straps fit on a 21mm lug? It’s simple. Most straps are made of leather, and leather is somewhat pliable. By applying light to moderate pressure on both sides of a 22mm watch strap, the leather will naturally compress - often about 1mm. In most cases, this is just enough to allow a 22mm strap to fit a 21mm lug! 

The word of caution: Pay attention to the flexibility of the watch band as you install a 22mm band to the Orient Bambino’s lugs. Most 22mm Watch Bands have enough give to fit a 21mm lug, but don’t force it. Critically, make sure you hear the compression springs snap firmly into place and give the watch band a gentle tug to make sure it’s on tight. 

Pros: A wide selection of quality straps for the Orient Bambino

Cons: More attention is needed when installing the strap and some 22mm straps won’t have enough flexibility to work.

Top Watch Band Picks for The Orient Bambino

RIOS1931 Monarch Watch Band

The RIOS1931 Monarch is a premium genuine alligator watch band. Each Monarch is crafted from genuine full-cut alligator (top-side) and lined with the flank cut of genuine alligator skin (inside). The RIOS1931 Monarch looks stunning on the Orient Bambino and it’s the perfect strap choice for anyone looking to take the Bambino to the next level of luxury. 

RIOS1931 Havana Watch Band

The RIOS1931 Havana is crafted from genuine pigskin leather. This material has a soft feal and interesting grain that offers a high-quality vintage look. The Havana is a great choice for the Orient Bambino as it is a relatively thin watch strap that compliments the specifications of the Bambino’s case. We recommend the Cognac and Mocha Havana with the Crème-Dial Bambinos!

RIOS1931 Sand Vintage Leather (Breitling Style)

It’s a Breitling-style watch band, but it works! The heavy padded leather pushes the limits on strap to watch ratio, but with the Bambino’s raised mineral glass, the padded Breitling style watch bands don’t look bad. In fact, they look great! This sand vintage leather gives the Bambino a casual vintage feel that pairs great with light tan boat shoes and is a perfect choice for summer style.

The Orient Bambino is a quality watch available in many different styles. It’s design allows the watch to pair perfectly with hundreds of styles of watch bands. The possibilities are endless! If you own an Orient Bambino, it’s time to grab a few extra watch bands from Panatime!

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