RIOS1931 One-Piece Bands

RIOS1931 One-Piece Bands

Aug 16th 2021

When you purchase a RIOS1931 Watch Band, you are purchasing a German-made Artisan Watch Strap. RIOS1931 Watch Bands are crafted by expert strap makers who follow a traditional manufacturing process that requires great attention to detail and consists of over 145 production steps.

About RIOS1931

RIOS1931 Watch Bands are world famous for their quality and craftsmanship. Since 1931, Rios has been using traditional manufacturing methods to produce watch bands that are a cut above the competition. How are RIOS1931 watch bands different from other straps on the market? It all starts with expert strap makers who hand select the finest materials for use on each strap. From there, each watch band goes through a manufacturing process of over one hundred (100) steps before leaving the factory! With nearly a century of experience, RIOS1931 has perfected the watch band.

When you purchase a RIOS1931 watch band, you are purchasing a watch band that has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Aesthetically and functionally, RIOS11931 watch straps are the top tier straps that watch enthusiast trust! Panatime is proud to be an authorized retailer of RIOS1931 watch bands. As one of the largest online retailers of watch bands, Panatime makes every effort to stock the majority of the RIOS1931 line – and items that are not stocked can be special ordered! 

For many years, RIOS1931 has been manufacturing the Monarch (Genuine Alligator), New Orleans (Embossed Leather), Louisiana (Embossed Leather), Kaluga (Russian Leather), Nature (Buffalo Leather), and many other popular models. However, it wasn’t until recent that RIOS1931 launched an exciting new line of One-Piece Watch Bands. 

RIOS1931 One-Piece Watch Bands

Panatime is excited to offer the new line of RIOS1931 One-Piece Watch Bands. Like all RIOS1931 watch straps, each strap in this collection is crafted from premium materials including Genuine Shell Cordovan Leather, Vintage Leather, and Canvas. Each model is offered in a variety of sizes and colors. This article highlights three exceptional models from RIOS1931’s new line of one-piece watch straps: the RIOS1931 Bratislava, the RIOS1931 Tallinn, and the RIOS1931 Copenhagen.

The RIOS1931 Bratislava


Each RIOS1931 Bratislava is crafted from Genuine Shell Cordovan Leather. This premium leather is very in style right now. Traditionally, Shell Cordovan has been used for dress shoes, wallets, and belts. Now it seems to be popping up everywhere (ex: backpacks, briefcases, travel bags, etc.) and we understand why! Shell Cordovan has a rich, matte like texture that offers a dull shine and a silky feel. Over time, the leather distresses and brighter tones are released, giving it a truly vintage look. 

What’s special about the RIOS1931 Bratislava? It’s all about vintage style and quality craftsmanship. Everything that RIOS1931 produces is precision crafted and the Bratislava is no different. Each RIOS1931 Bratislava is 290mm (11.42”) in length, 1.6mm thick, and includes four (4) high quality polished stainless-steel rings. 


Price is another reason to love the RIOS1931 Bratislava. Due to the extensive tanning process and high demand for this leather, prices for goods crafted from Shell Cordovan Leather are high. It is not uncommon to see Shell Cordovan Watch Bands for sale at $200 or more. As a large manufacturer of watch bands, RIOS1931 purchases Shell Cordovan Leather hides in bulk, driving down the price per hide. Additionally, a one-piece leather watch band requires less manufacturing steps, therefore less labor is involved (as opposed to traditional padded and stitched watch bands). At only $99, the RIOS1931 Bratislava is a premium strap at an unbeatable price!

The RIOS1931 Tallinn


The RIOS1931 Tallinn is a truly special strap. Each Tallinn is made from Genuine Canvas and sports four (4) high quality PVD Rings. The blending of canvas and deep black hardware gives the Tallinn a tactical, black-ops type feel. With available colors that include black, olive drab, and honey (similar to sand), it’s hard to ignore the Tallin’s military style. That being said, the Tallinn is also a great choice for outdoor adventures and nights out on the town – but we love when this band is paired with tactical gear!

If you love the RIOS1931 Tallinn but don’t have a PVD watch, the RIOS1931 Sofia is the exact same strap with Polished Hardware, and the RIOS1931 Warsaw is the exact same strap with Brushed Hardware!

The RIOS1931 Copenhagen


The RIOS1931 Copenhagen is a classic vintage leather one-piece watch band. Each Copenhagen pairs the premium quality of a RIOS1931 watch strap with the timeless style of vintage leather. Much has been written about vintage leather watch bands, but ultimately, it’s all about the distressed tones. What sets vintage leather apart from other leathers (ex: calf, buffalo, etc.) is the rich, distressed tones (lighter or darker) that appear over time with regular wear. This offers each watch band a unique, one-of-a-kind style, and a vintage look that is interesting and refined.

The RIOS1931 Copenhagen is a great choice because it is crafted from quality vintage leather – and it all comes down to quality. After all, the higher quality of the leather, the longer the watch band’s life and the longer each strap can continue to develop a rich vintage patina.

RIOS1931: Your Next One-Piece Watch Band

Whether you’re an experienced watch collector who has owned many one-piece watch straps or a newcomer to the strap world, RIOS1931’s new line of one-piece watch bands is sure to impress. The quality of material, thoughtfulness in craftsmanship, and dedication to detail will be apparent from the moment you place the strap on your watch. These stylish straps will feel comfortable on your wrist all day long and you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t pick one up sooner!

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