RIOS1931 Top Picks | Embossed Alligator Collection

RIOS1931 Top Picks | Embossed Alligator Collection

May 4th 2022

The RIOS1931 Embossed Alligator Collection features some of the highest-quality, hand crafted watch bands made from the finest genuine cow leather, embossed with alligator grain and crafted with the highest of standards! Each strap is made with attention to every detail and with the goal of creating a high-quality, premium watch band at affordable prices that any watch enthusiast can feel confident in placing on their treasured timepieces.

This article takes a closer look at the RIOS1931 New Orleans and Louisiana - our top picks from the RIOS1931 Embossed Alligator Collection. 

RIOS1931 New Orleans | Embossed Leather Alligator Watch Band

The RIOS1931 New Orleans is one of our favorite selections from the RIOS1931 Embossed Alligator Grain Collection. These watch straps are expertly crafted from Cow Leather that has been embossed with a distinct alligator grain and is designed to serve as the perfect watch band to show off your sense of style! You are sure to love the high-quality look and feel of the New Orleans, as every detail is thoughtfully crafted to complement virtually any look.

The New Orleans is made from hand selected, genuine cow leather that is elaborately processed by hand in the manner of traditional leather craftsmanship. The strap is then embossed with alligator grain, the edges are smoothed with heat, sanded down and painted 5 times with edge dye.  Following this top-of-the-line process, each watch band is carefully inspected and evaluated to ensure the final product is of the most superior quality. The craftsman at RIOS1931 then handstitch the creme white seams to complete the artful construction of the New Orleans watch band.

Available in a wide variety of colors, there’s a strap you are sure to love that is truly a notch above the competition. 

The RIOS1931 New Orleans is available in 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 22mm. It is also available in Short (104mm/72mm) Standard (114mm/82mm) and Extra Long (124mm/92mm) lengths. 

RIOS1931 Louisiana | Embossed Leather Alligator Print Watch Band

An always popular selection is the RIOS1931 Louisiana.  Each watch band is crafted from genuine cow leather and elegantly embossed with alligator grain. The embossed alligator grain gives the Louisiana a sophisticated look and feel with an everyday durability. Each strap is made by RIOS1931 in Germany with hand selected leather so only the highest quality cuts are used in production. 

RIOS1931 is committed to quality and has been crafting watch bands with skill and passion for over three generations. The Louisiana exemplifies that passion, as each Louisiana is made with the high-end Art Maunel technique, where each piece undergoes a careful 172-step production process from start to finish. The Louisiana is a classic style band, with match stitching and is padded to approximately 6mm in the center (near lug) and tapering to 3mm (near buckle). The result of this obsession to detail is a luxurious embossed alligator grain watch band that is a perfect companion for your most cherished timepieces. 

The RIOS1931 Louisiana is available in a wide range of colors in 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 22mm. It is also available in Short (104mm/72mm) Standard (114mm/82mm) and Extra Long (124mm/92mm) lengths.

Why You Should Choose the RIOS1931 Embossed Alligator Collection

As noted above, the RIOS1931 Embossed Alligator collection consists of only the highest quality  leather watch straps, crafted with care and precision. Choosing to purchase a RIOS1931 watch band is always a wise choice, as you will receive an expertly crafted watch strap with the look and feel of a high end strap at an affordable price!  If you have a watch that needs a new strap, odds are we have your size! Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help!

The quality of RIOS1931 watch bands can’t be emphasized enough! Each strap in the RIOS1931 Collection is crafted in Augsburg, Germany by RIOS1931, a family owned, premium manufacturer of fine watch bands in its third generation of business! 

If you are looking for a new watch band for your luxury timepiece,  shop the full collection of RIOS1931 Watch Bands.

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