RIOS1931 Top Picks | General Collection

RIOS1931 Top Picks | General Collection

Nov 15th 2021

The RIOS1931 General Collection features high-quality watch bands that are offered in a variety of popular sizes (ex: 20mm, 22mm, 24mm) to fit a wide variety of watches. Whether you are looking for leather watch bands, alligator watch bands, vintage leather watch bands, or rubber watch bands, the RIOS1931 General Collection includes dozens of bands crafted from a variety of quality materials.

This article takes a closer look at the RIOS1931 New York, Maryland, and Silverstone - three of our top picks from the RIOS1931 General Collection. 

RIOS1931 New York | Shell Cordovan Watch Band

The RIOS1931 New York is a heavy padded watch band crafted from premium shell cordovan leather. The New York is a classic style band, padded to approximately 6mm in the center (near lug) and tapering to 3mm (near buckle). Each New York includes an attached stainless steel pin buckle that will hold the band securely to your wrist.

The New York made the list of top picks as its material and construction are second to none. The shell cordovan leather is slightly waxy and has a dull shine. The contrast stitching is hand-stitched by a master craftsman at the RIOS1931 factory in Germany. The stitching pattern is RIOS1931’s famous saddler’s seam, a precision hand stitch that takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. 

The RIOS1931 New York is available in Black, Mocha, and Cognac in 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, and 22mm sizes.

RIOS1931 Maryland | Canvas Watch Band

The RIOS1931 Maryland is crafted from genuine canvas and lined with a soft leather backing. The canvas gives the Maryland a vintage, tactical look and feel, and this watch band is a great choice for anyone looking for a vintage or military look. Each strap is made by RIOS1931 in Germany and the canvas is hand selected so only the highest quality cuts are used in production. 

The RIOS1931 Maryland features a matching stitch. The box stitching pattern adds durability and style to each band. The Maryland is available in a wide variety of colors including Black, Mocha, Cognac, Honey, Olive Drab, and Stone Grey. We highly recommend the Honey and Stone Grey, as these colors are rich in tone and fairly unique. 

We particularly love the RIOS1931 Maryland on the Panerai Luminor, but it also looks great on a variety of watches!

The RIOS1931 Maryland is available in 22mm and 24mm.

RIOS1931 Silverstone | Carbon Sport Watch Band

The RIOS1931 Silverstone is a unique, racing inspired watch band that is crafted from leather with an embossed carbon print. Each Silverstone is constructed from several pieces of leather and features a soft calf leather lining. The carbon print is perfect for a variety of watches with black dials, as well as racing inspired watches with carbon fiber dials. 

The RIOS1931 Silverstone made our list of top picks as it’s one of the most unique straps around. The Silverstone is a heavy padded band, approximately 7.5mm at the center (near lug) and tapering to 4.5mm (near the buckle). Additionally, each strap sports a crème white double stitching pattern that increases durability and looks stylish!

If you’re in the market for a carbon watch band, or a racing style watch band, you have to consider the RIOS1931 Silverstone! 

The RIOS1931 Silverstone is available in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Note: The RIOS1931 Montreal and The RIOS1931 Monza share the same style and construction as the Silverstone. The only difference between these straps are the color of the threading, with the Monza having red stitching and the Montreal having black stitching.

Why You Should Choose the RIOS1931 General Collection

As noted above, the RIOS1931 General collection is comprised of watch bands crafted from a range of materials and available in a variety of sizes. If you have a watch that needs a new strap, odds are we have your size! Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

The quality of RIOS1931 watch bands can’t be emphasized enough! Each strap in the RIOS1931 General Collection is crafted in Augsburg, Germany by RIOS1931, a family owned, premium manufacturer of fine watch bands in its third generation of business! 

If you are looking for a quality watch band that is thoughtfully constructed for both functionality and style, a RIOS1931 band from the General Collection is the right choice for you! Visit today and shop the RIOS1931 General Collection Now!

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