RIOS1931 Top Picks | Replacement Collection

RIOS1931 Top Picks | Replacement Collection

Mar 8th 2022

The RIOS1931 Replacement Collection features high-quality replacement watch bands crafted to Exact OEM specifications for luxury watches including Panerai, Breitling, IWC, Patek Phillipe, Omega, Rolex, and other top brands! Each strap is made with attention to every detail and with the goal of creating a high-quality, premium watch band that watch enthusiast feel confident in placing on their treasured timepieces.

This article takes a closer look at the RIOS1931 Firenze, Thunderbird, and Basel - three of our top picks from the RIOS1931 replacement collection. 

RIOS1931 Firenze | Russian Leather Watch Band for Panerai

The RIOS1931 Firenze is our first top pick from the RIOS1931 Replacement Collection. This expertly crafted Russian Leather watch band was designed to serve as an exceptional replacement option for Panerai Watches. You will love the quality of the Firenze, as every detail is thoughtfully crafted to compliment your Panerai.

The Firenze is made from hand selected, genuine Russian Leather that is organically tanned with an ancient blend of vegetable substances. The tanning process results in a beautiful, slightly waxy leather, that gives off a mild fragrance of beeswax and tobacco. Following the tanning process, each leather hide is carefully inspected and evaluated to ensure the final product is of the most superior quality. The craftsman at RIOS1931 then use this premium Russian Leather to artfully construct the Firenze watch band, built to exact OEM specifications for your Panerai.

When compared to other leather watch bands for Panerai, the RIOS1931 is truly a notch above the competition. 

The RIOS1931 Firenze is available in 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, and 26mm for Panerai Radiomir.

RIOS1931 Thunderbird | Genuine Alligator Watch Band for IWC

IWC’s are precision time pieces that deserve the best watch bands available. That’s why RIOS1931 created the Thunderbird – a line of premium watch bands that are crafted from the finest genuine alligator skins and built to the exact OEM specifications for IWC watches.

RIOS1931 is committed to quality and has been crafting watch bands with skill and passion for over three generations. The Thunderbird exemplifies that passion, as each Thunderbird undergoes a 172-step production process from start to finish. This includes a precision hand stitching process known as a saddler’s seam. Each Thunderbird is carefully hand-stitched by and expert craftsman in a process that takes approximately 40 minutes to complete! The result of this obsession to detail is a luxurious genuine alligator watch band that is a befitting companion for your cherished IWC. 

The RIOS1931 Thunderbird is available in 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm.

RIOS1931 Basel | Genuine Alligator Watch Band for Patek Philippe

You’d be hard pressed to find a more elegant watch than a Patek Philippe. These stunning timepieces are worn across the world at the most exclusive events and formal occasions. As such, it is no surprise that the predominate watch bands of choice for Patek are crafted from genuine alligator. With this in mind, RIOS1931 set out to craft the Basel, a line of premium watch bands for Patek Phillipe that are crafted from the highest quality alligator skin available!

The RIOS1931 Basel is a stitchless watch band, crafted from the highest quality cuts of premium alligator skin. The Basel features a full-cut pattern; the large square grains that are the most desirable section of genuine alligator hides. Each band is expertly crafted for both function and aesthetic. The stitchless design emphasizes the beauty of the genuine alligator and takes no attention away from your Patek Phillipe timepiece. 

Like the Thunderbid, the Basel undergoes an extensive 172-step production process from start to finish. The RIOS1931 Basel is 2.0mm throughout and finished with a high-gloss finish that gives each strap a polished look that perfectly accents formal attire. The Basil is avialble in Black, Mocha, Mahogany, and Ocean Blue. By far, Ocean Blue is a staff favorite, as this unique and rich color is eye catching and pleasant to look at.

The RIOS1931 Basel is available in 18mm, and 21mm.

Why You Should Choose the RIOS1931 Replacement Collection

As noted above, the RIOS1931 replacement collection is comprised of the highest quality aftermarket watch bands for today’s top brands. Choosing to purchase a RIOS1931 aftermarket watch band is a great choice, as you will receive an expertly crafted strap at a significant savings (as compared to purchasing a watch band directly from the brand). It’s important to note that these substantial savings are not a result of sub-par materials or construction, rather, these bands do not feature brand logos, and as such, they are not marked up to the prices that brand names demand. 

The quality of RIOS1931 watch bands can’t be emphasized enough! If you are looking for a replacement watch band for your luxury timepiece, visit and shop the full collection of RIOS1931 Replacement Watch Bands.

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