Straps for Apple Watch

Straps for Apple Watch

Aug 8th 2021

Apple Watches are everywhere, and it is estimated that the total number of Apple Watches sold exceeds 100 million units! These cutting-edge gadgets offer endless possibilities (ex: digital faces, apps, etc.), but this article will focus on the hardware/exterior style of the Apple Watch and the benefits of purchasing a watch band for Apple Watch from Panatime!

About Watch Bands and The Apple Watch

Apple is a globally recognized brand that is held in high esteem for its user-friendly products that are minimalistic, modern, and thoughtfully designed. The Apple Watch is no exception. Each Watch features a thin curved case in your choice of finish, a black glass touch screen, and a heart rate monitor on the underside of the case. But where the fun really begins is in the thousands of watch band options (from Apple and countless other retailers) that drastically change the look and feel of the Apple Watch.

Because the Apple Watch is so thin, most of the surface area on the wrist is actually taken up by the watch band! This means that the band will receive a lot of attention - which makes it important to choose a band(s) that express your unique style and compliment your Apple Watch. 


How Do I Change My Apple Watch Band?

If you are experienced with changing watch bands for Apple Watch, you can skip this section. If you are a new Apple Watch owner, or a long-time owner who has never changed the original equipment, read on!

Changing the watch band on your Apple Watch is super easy! In fact, there’s only three (3) Steps:

Step 1

Flip your Apple Watch so the back of the case is facing the ceiling.

Step 2

Press down on the oval shaped button located on the edge of the case (near the    watch band)

Step 3

While holding the button down, slide the band to the side (it should easily slide off)

It’s that simple! 

To install your new watch band, simply slide the band onto the case. You should hear a click as the lock engages. Give a light tug to the left or right to ensure the watch band is locked into place. Easy! Now that you have the basics down, you can start experimenting with new straps!

Why Should I Change/Replace my Apple Watch Band?

There are several reasons to change a watch band. It may be necessary to change a band that is old or broken. Or perhaps you want to wear your Apple Watch to the pool (or the beach) but don’t want to get your leather strap wet. These are good reasons, but for many people, changing watch bands all comes down to style! 

“You wouldn’t wear the same shoes or belt with every outfit,

so why would you wear the same watch band?”

You can drastically change the look of your Apple Watch by changing the Watch Band. Most Apple watches include a rubber strap at the time of purchase. While these straps are great, there are many situations where a rubber strap may not be the best choice. For example, perhaps you want to wear your Apple Watch with a suit; a vintage leather or genuine alligator will be a much better pairing than the original rubber strap. Or maybe you’re meeting up with some friends for a casual night out; a vintage leather or embossed leather watch band will match nicely with khakis, jeans, and other semi-casual wear. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes or belt with every outfit, so why would you wear the same watch band?

Why Should I Buy a Watch Band for my Apple Watch from Panatime?

The market for Apple Watch Bands is over saturated. If it seems like everywhere you go there are replacement Apple Watch Bands near the register, you’re right! But beware of these low cost, impulse buys. In almost all cases, you get what you pay for. A $10 of $15 watch band for Apple Watch may not last very long, and it is likely that quality of materials and craftsmanship has been sacrificed in pursuit of a mass produced, low cost strap. Apple Watches are expensive, and you should protect your investment. A broken strap can cause your watch to fall and replacing the glass face can get pricey. For these reasons, it is important to choose a quality strap from a trusted source. Enter Panatime.


Panatime is one of the world’s largest online retailers of quality watch bands with over a decade of experience. Panatime only stocks quality watch bands and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After the Apple Watch was introduced, it was only natural for Panatime to expand its watch band offering into the market for Apple Watch Bands. That being said, Panatime now offers watch bands for Apple Watches crafted from Genuine Alligator, Shell Cordovan Leather, Vintage Leather, Russian Leather, and other high-quality materials! 

Each watch band in Panatime’s Straps for Apple Watch collection includes pre-installed adapters in your choice of finish (Aluminum, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and Gold-Tone). The finish on these adapters will perfectly match the finish of your Apple Watch. Panatime includes pre-installed adapters so you can install your new watch band within seconds of its arrival on your doorstep. The adapters hold the watch band securely in place via a spring bar connection. If you have another watch band that you want to install on the adapters, the compression spring bars release easily when pressure is applied from a spring bar tool (the exact same way a traditional watch holds a watch band to its case). This means that any watch band that fits the adapters can become a watch band for Apple Watch! 

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