Straps for Michele Watches

Straps for Michele Watches

Feb 1st 2022

If you are not already familiar with Michele Watches, they are one of the hottest brands of women’s luxury timepieces on the market. Aside from their use of bright colors and shimmering chrome cases that are sure to draw lots of attention, Michele watches are known for their hundreds of fashionable watch bands. Part of the draw to changing your Michele watch band is how fast and simple it is to do! This is because Michele utilized Quick Release Spring Bars (AKA QR Pins).

Changing Your Watch Band is Simple with Quick Release Pins

What are Quick Release Pins? Quick Release Pins make strap changing quicker. To understand why, it’s helpful to think about a traditional watch band with a standard spring bar attachment (compression pin). To free a watch band using a standard spring bar, you will need a spring bar tool, or a thin object that you can insert between the watch case and the watch band to apply leverage; this releases the pin. If you’ve never changed a watch band before, this can take a couple of attempts to get the hang of. 


The Quick Release Pins solve this issue by adding an extra piece of stainless steel, which you simply slide with your finger to loosen the compression spring and free the band. Quick Release Pins are a hassle-free way to install or remove watch bands, and Michele Watches understood that people would be more likely to try different watch band if they could attach and remove them faster! 

Quality Watch Bands for Michele Watches at Panatime

Panatime stocks a variety of high-quality watch bands for Michele Watches, each with pre-installed Quick Release Pins for ease of strap changing. Browse popular styles including genuine leather watch bands for Michele, gator watch bands for Michele, and even exotic watch bands including lizard and snakeskin bands, all fully compatible with Michele Watches!


Here are a few of our favorite watch bands for Michele, available now at!

Embossed Leather Gator Watch Bands for Michele Watches

Shop a variety of genuine leather watch bands with an embossed gator print. These watch bands look and feel like alligator, but are, in fact, genuine leather!


Choose from a selection of vibrant colors including blue, deep purple, orange, and deep red! The leather on each band is sealed with a glossy finish, which protects the material and adds a stylish, eye-catching shimmer.


Get yours today!

Genuine Teju Lizard Watch Bands for Michele Watches

If you’re looking to make your Michele watch stand out, you must consider a genuine Teju-Lizard watch band from Panatime. These super unique watch bands are part of a limited run.


Available in bone and mermaid blue, these bands glisten under natural and indoor light, as the stunning lizard skin compliments the case of a Michele watch perfectly. Hurry!


These watch bands won’t last forever. 16mm and 18mm sizes are still available for purchase!    


Midnight Blue Snake Watch Bands for Michele Watches

The Midnight Blue Snake watch band is a wild, but classy addition for any Michele Watch. Its rich blue color is sophisticated and won’t take away from the brilliance of your Michele timepiece. The genuine snakeskin is smooth and sleek to the touch.  


Give your Michele watch a new look with this high-quality exotic watch band from Panatime.

Genuine Ostrich Watch Bands for Michele Watches

When you think of watch bands, genuine Ostrich is not a material that often comes to mind. However, it is a beautiful material that is durable and stylish. We think you should consider one of our Ostrich bands for your Michele watch, as each band is a unique expression of style that will only enhance the allure of your Michele.


Select from a rich variety of colors including Brilliant Pink, Sangria, and Golden Green.

Shop Watch Bands for Michele at Panatime and Save!

When you shop watch bands for Michele at Panatime, you can save money without sacrificing on quality. These aftermarket straps are carefully crafted to offer both style and durability, and although there’s no logo on the back of the band, we think the savings are well worth it! In fact, many of our customers report being equally or exceedingly satisfied with our watch bands (as compared to their branded counterparts). 

Browse reliable and stylish watch bands for Michele! 

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