Vintage Leather Straps: A Popular Choice

Vintage Leather Straps: A Popular Choice

Oct 18th 2021

Vintage leather watch bands are extremely popular and Panatime stocks hundreds of watch bands crafted from vintage leather so you can find the perfect one for you! But shopping for a vintage leather strap can be confusing, and many customers have questions like What is a Vintage Leather Watch Band? and Why do some Vintage Leather Watch Bands look different from others? This article will answer those questions, provide a general overview of vintage leather, and highlight three of the most popular vintage leather watch bands available for sale on

What Is a Vintage Leather Watch Band?

Although the term is widely used, there is no universal definition of Vintage Leather. So what is Vintage Leather? In the watch industry, vintage leather refers to any genuine leather that is, or will become distressed, aged, cracked, or worn. As such, many leather watch bands fall under the vintage leather category. A few examples of vintage leather watch bands are Panatime’s HZ Half Stitch, Chromexcel, and MB-1 Pilot Watch Bands.

Why Do Some Vintage Leather Watch Bands Look Different Than Others?

As noted above, there are many types of vintage leather watch bands. Some feature distressed tones and darker markings, while others feature cracked leather or deep oils that lighten as the band is stretched. Other vintage leather straps may at first look similar to smooth leather or calf leather watch bands, only to pick up distressed tones and markings with time and regular wear. In fact, most vintage leather watch bands will continue to age with time, and it is not uncommon for the leather to become darker or develop new distressed tones. As these watch bands continue to distress, they become truly unique, one-of-a-kind expressions of style. 

 Look at Panatime’s Most Popular Vintage Leather Watch Bands

Hirsch Liberty Watch Band

The Hirsch Liberty is a crowd favorite. This vintage leather watch band is crafted from one-piece of leather that is vegetable tanned and expertly constructed. The Hirsch Liberty is available in Black, Brown, and Golden Brown, with Golden Brown being the most popular selection.


This Hirsch Watch Band is available for just $44.99 and is one of the best watch straps for the money! Additionally, each Liberty is backed by Hirsch’s Warranty that guarantees the wear of each Hirsch watch band for at least one-year. So you can rest assured you’re getting a quality strap - your satisfaction is guaranteed! The Hirsch Liberty is available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

Natural Distressed Vintage Leather Watch Band

The Natural Distressed Vintage Leather Watch Band is one of those straps that starts off with little to no distressed tones, but don’t be fooled, this band will pick up darker and lighter tones and distress with regular wear.


This strap is on our list of most popular vintage leather watch bands because time and again, customers rave about the quality of the strap and the experience of watching the leather distress over time. In just a couple of weeks, the Natural Distressed Vintage Leather Watch Band will look like a one-of-a-kind vintage item. Each strap is crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany and features a hand stitched seam. Available in 22mm, 22mm XL, and 24mm

Burnt Chestnut Vintage Leather | Breitling Style

The Burnt Chestnut watch band is the quintessential vintage leather watch band. The chestnut brown color is accompanied by darker tones, as well as lighter areas of distressed leather. This gives each band an out-of-the-box vintage look and feel. While these straps are crafted to OEM specifications for Breitling watches, they can be worn with a variety of different watches and we always encourage our customers to experiment with different styles!


Watch straps for Breitling are perfect for anyone who is looking for watch bands that have heavy padding near the center, and are slightly thinner near the edges. Whether you are a Breitling owner or not, we highly recommend the Burnt Chestnut to anyone looking for the perfect vintage leather watch strap. The Burnt Chestnut vintage leather watch band is available in 22mm, 24mm, 24mm XL

It’s always a great time to shop for vintage leather watch bands and Panatime stocks hundreds of options so you can find the perfect band for you! If you have any questions, or would like assistance selecting a watch band, please feel free to contact us directly at customerservice.

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