Waterproof Straps for Summer

Waterproof Straps for Summer

Jun 28th 2021

With summer just around the corner, it may be time to consider replacing your watch band. Whether you are currently sporting a leather, exotic, or alligator watch band, you should consider the benefits of changing your strap during the hot summer months!

Rubber straps have many benefits, but most importantly, they're Waterproof! If you are heading out to the pool, the beach, or just washing your car, a waterproof rubber watch strap is a far better choice for these activities than a leather watch strap…and there are several reasons why. Here’s a quick list:


Leather watch bands usually have a soft calf leather backing that sits softly on your wrist for all day comfort. However, most watch bands are not lined with waterproof leather. As a result, the calfskin lining will absorb and retain moisture. Moisture is typically bad for leather and can shorten a watch strap's lifespan. Additionally, the wet leather lining can rub against your wrist for hours and this may lead to skin irritation. In contrast, rubber watch straps do not retain moisture and liquids will slide right off!


Leather watch bands may be damaged by frequent exposure to water and/or other liquids. When leather is exposed to water, it is also exposed to the elements and/or chemicals in that water (think chlorine, salt, and other additives that can react with leather). As a result of this exposure, the leather may dry out, discolor, or shrink. Unlike leather, rubber is designed to withstand exposure to saltwater, chlorine, and tap water. This means a rubber watch band will not be damaged when worn at the beach or in a swimming pool!


Finally, style should always be considered when selecting a watch band. Panatime stocks a variety of high quality rubber watch bands in a variety of fun summer colors (ex: red, white, blue, yellow). So pick up a few rubber straps that you can mix and match to compliment your summer shorts, boat shoes, and - perhaps the most important summer accessory - your favorite dive watch!

Staff Picks

Here are some of our favorite rubber watch bands.

24mm OEM Panerai Style Rubber Divers

If you are looking for a high quality aftermarket rubber watch band for Panerai, this is the strap for you. Choose from a variety of fun colors including Black, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Olive, and Khaki. 

Products In This Article

22mm Bonetto Cinturini 317

The Bonetto Cinturini 317 is everything a rubber watch band should be. The strap is substantial, but not bulky. It's sleek and simple look makes it the perfect match for a wide variety of watches. Each 317 is crafted from NBR rubber and features a mild natural vanilla scent. 

20mm Orange Waterproof Silicone Flat Diver

Yes, this band is made from silicone, but silicone delivers the same great benefits that rubber watch bands offer. In fact, many of our customers find the silky smooth texture of the silicone to be more comfortable than rubber! This flat diver is a classic summer style available in Orange, Blue, Sky Blue, and Yellow. 

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