Why is the Tobacco Collection so popular?

Why is the Tobacco Collection so popular?

Sep 13th 2021

The Vintage Tobacco watch band is one of Panatime’s most popular watch straps. For almost 10 years, the Tobacco collection has been a staple in Panatime’s line of vintage leather watch bands. Why is the Tobacco collection so popular? It’s all about the beautiful brown and tan patinas in this distressed vintage leather watch band. This post takes a closer look at Panatime’s Tobacco watch bands and explains why the collection has remained in high demand for almost a decade!

It Starts with Distressed Vintage Leather

Panatime’s Vintage Tobacco watch bands are crafted from genuine leather that has been processed through a complex, multi-step tanning process. The surface of the leather is slightly waxy and soft to the touch. When the leather is bent, light brown and tan tones emerge, giving the leather it’s distressed vintage style. Over time and with regular wear, the band will retain the lighter tones as they gradually become impressed on the outer most layer of the leather hide. The result is a one-of-a-kind vintage leather watch band that looks stunning. 

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Each Tobacco watch band is 5 millimeters thick, hand-stitched, and finished with painted black edges. Prior to completion, each and every strap is carefully inspected to ensure quality. 


The Vintage Tobacco is a thick watch band! A 5mm thick band is a substantial band that pairs perfectly with Panerai Watches, Invicta Watches, Breitling Watches, many brands of Dive Watches, and generally, any watch that doesn’t have a thin case. Unfortunately, many vintage leather straps are crafted for dress watches and are manufactured to thinner specifications. Owners of watches with larger cases sometimes struggle to find a vintage leather that looks natural on their watch. The Vintage Tobacco solves this problem and looks spectacular on medium and large sized cases alike!

Each Tobacco strap is Hand-Stitched with your choice of a Black or Crème-White Stitching. The thread is thick which makes the stitching contrasts nicely against the softer brown patina of the leather. There are several benefits to having a watch band with Hand-Stitching; uniformity of pattern and increased durability are perhaps the most important. For these reasons, it was a natural choice to have the Vintage Tobacco collection hand stitched. 

The edges of each Vintage Tobacco watch band are sealed and painted black. The seal protects the inner leather of the watch band from everyday moisture (rain, sink water, etc.) and the black paint adds a nice touch to the vintage style of each watch strap. It’s worth noting that these watch bands are not waterproof, but the oils from the tanning process and sealed edges do give the bands water-resistant qualities. 

Finally, each Tobacco strap includes an attached removable buckle in your choice of ARD or Pre-V Style. ARD watch buckles – sometimes referred to as thumbnail watch buckles, will blend in nicely and keep the focus on your watch band. Pre-V watch buckles (a/k/a Panerai style buckles) cut out to the sides in a V shape and are a common choice of divers and Panerai enthusiast. We think the Tobacco watch band looks great with either choice of buckle! 


A Conversation Piece 

Time and again, customers report how satisfied they are with their Vintage Tobacco watch band and they often share stories of the attention the band attracts. There’s something about the Tobacco straps that perfectly captures that vintage leather style that is so sought after. Perhaps it’s the perfect combination of the precision tanning process and quality design. Or maybe it’s the pleasant way the strap seems to release a bright array of lighter tones when bent. You’ll just have to get your own to truly appreciate everything the vintage tobacco watch band has to offer!

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