Tornado, Russian Leather For Breitling

RIOS1931 Black Tornado Genuine Russian Leather Watch Strap For Breitling |

The RIOS1931 Tornado Watch Strap is crafted to exact OEM specifications for Breitling and includes a Stainless Steel Pin-Buckle. Each strap is created from Genuine Russian Leather that has been Organically Tanned with vegetable substances. The Organic Tanning Substances give the watch strap the typical leather fragrance of bees wax and tobacco. The RIOS1931 Tornado is crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany and undergoes a 172 step production process, making each strap a true work of art.


Material: Genuine Russian Leather, with Pin Buckle Attached

Strap Length: 114x82mm

Seam: Creme-White, »Art Manuel«

Thickness of Strap: Tapering from approximately 7.0mm to 3.0mm.

Technical Indication: RIOS1931 watch strap compatible with watches of the brand »Breitling«

Crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany




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