Rubber & Silicone

Waterproof, comfortable, and looks great!

Panatime rubber and silicone watch bands

Rubber & Silicone

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Great for the pool, beach, boat, or just washing your car.

Unlike leather, rubber is designed to withstand exposure to saltwater, chlorine, and tap water.

This means a rubber watch band will not be damaged when worn at the beach or in a swimming pool!

Rubber & Silicone Watch Bands

Style and Functionality

These waterproof straps are essential for divers and other professionals who work in partially or fully submerged environments.


They also look great on Dive Watches which have become increasingly popular to watch enthusiast and collectors alike. Therefore, we commonly refer to these rubber watch bands as diver straps or diver bands, as they match perfectly with Dive watches and meet the high demands of those who wear them.


Shop rubber watch bands from brands including Bonetto Cinturini, Piero Magli, Hadley Roma, and Panatime.

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